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Weight Loss Just Got Easier For Palm Pilot OSŪ Users
With the All New Ultimate Calorie Meter PDA Diet Program

Delavan WI., -- Epiphany USA. has released the Ultimate Calorie Meter 3.1., software to help owners of the Palm Pilot OSŪ maintain or lose weight.

The Ultimate Calorie Meter 3.1 not only tracks calories it also measures the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, cholesterol, sodium, and water in the user's daily diet. This new version has been completely redesigned based on feedback from customers of versions I and II.

Following are seven key advantages of the Ultimate Calorie Meter 3.1.

· Easy to use. Button drive is so intuitive users can be up and running, in most cases, without even reading the instruction manual.

· Comprehensive database. There are 5900 food listings, drawn from the vast FDA database, more than any PDA software program on the market today. This feature ensures precise record keeping with no missing items or calorie counting guesswork.

· Ability to customize. Users can set weight goals and based on height, age and weight and the program will display the amount of calories they should consume each day to achieve and/or maintain that weight.

· Ability to store and retrieve historical data. Users can enter favorite meals from home or restaurant, determine calorie count, and then store that data for instant reference.

· Ability to edit data. If users either forget to enter data, or enter something in error, records can be added to or modified at any time.

· Ability to analyze results. Users can chart progress with special 14 day graphs showing weight, exercise, calories and water consumed.

· Ability to track the effect of exercise on weight loss. Users can choose from a list of exercises, log in the time spent doing that exercise and keep records of calories burned.

The Ultimate Calorie Meter 3.1 can be purchased for $19.56 at the company's web site: http://www.ultimatecaloriemeter.com and includes a 15 day free trial. The web site also offers details about system requirements and a searchable listing of its 5900 food items.

Epiphany USA, Inc. is a small company owned by Mike Petranech, veteran programmer with experience in both systems analysis and system design. The Ultimate Calorie Meter 3.1 is Epiphany USA's third product to debut, since the company's founding in January 2000.

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